Cham Sut Gol Korean BBQ in Garden Grove exterior night

Friends came to visit LA and we wanted to find a korean bbq place to eat at that was located halfway between me and them. A different friend recommended that I take them here.

We went on a Thursday night around 7:30PM and i arrived there first. They seated me right away even though my whole party wasn’t there yet. Thank you for that! Some places make you wait. Cham Sut Gol does not! They have two all-you-can eat options. We went with the one that had seafood options.

As a pescatarian, I’m always happy to find a korean bbq place that offers seafood options. Unfortunately not every place does so I’m happy that Cham Sut Gol does. Although only limited options: spicy shrimp, soy sauce shrimp, and baby octopus. I enjoyed the spicy shrimp the best. My two friends did order other meats like brisket, steak, and pork belly. They did not like the brisket.

Just a heads up, the servers do not cook the meat for you. You must do it on your own. I am not the best person to do it haha so thankfully my friends were willing to cook it.

Overall, service and food was good – I will definitely come back.

– Toubee

Hands down my favorite kbbq place. Meat is juicy and almost never contains too much fat. My first choices are always the bulgogi and beef brisket. One thing I love about this restaurant as well is the vast selection of side dishes, (I’m often peeved about how little other kbbq places have or just the low quality of their dishes) more specifically their glass noodles are amazing. And oof, I’m absolutely in love with their green tea ice cream. AYCE ice cream is always a bonus.

Servers are quick on their feet and it’s easy to catch their attention. I’m not sure if he still works here since this was a visit from last year, but Tim I believe is particularly great at providing exceptional service. There was a bee roaming around my group’s table and he killed it for us, despite being allergic to them. He was also quick at bringing out more meat and side dishes for us whenever we asked.

– Tiffany


Honestly, probably the best kbbq experience I’ve ever had. The customer service was second to none. My friends and I had to catch a flight immediately after this meal. We walked into the restaurant with all of our luggage LOL, and the employees were able to accommodate us just fine. Our main server, who I’m guessing is the owner or related to the owner, was so helpful in demonstrating how to best cook the different proteins. It felt like we had our own personal chef — such a VIP experience lol.

Everything was delicious. Since an employee cooked some of it for us, we were able to get a more authentic taste of kbbq, in addition to the usual proteins we always enjoy. They also offer ayce ice cream! There were 3 flavors when we were there: green tea, rainbow sherbet, and a coffee/marble flavor. The ice cream was just okay, but I’m not one to turn down ice cream that’s included in my meal! I couldn’t even finish my first cone because I was so full from the kbbq, but still, the ice cream is a nice perk.

Another good quality about this place is that their ventilation system is very good. It didn’t get as smoky as it does at other places. Can’t wait to come back here whenever I’m in town!

– Liana


This is probably my favorite BBQ place in all of California. The prices are great and the customer service is superb! They also have complimentary green tea ice cream after dinner which is a plus! If you want Korean BBQ then definitely check this place out!

– Lamba

cham sut gol has never let me down. family visiting from out of town? cham sut gol. celebrating an occasion? cham sut gol. nothing to do? cham sut gol. hotel? trivago..

great food. great ice cream. only downside is smelling of smoke but it is totally worth it. wait times are not too bad as well. most i’ve had to wait here for 2 people is 30 minutes even on busy times. choices are not bad at all for the prices. wait staff are prompt an attentive. if it’s a busy time and you’re having a hard time getting the attention of a waiter, just ring the bell. oh, food is good, too.

tl;dr: eat here..

– Mark